SLV On The Verge Of A Bounce

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
Since my last update on the iShares Silver Trust (SLV), the sell-off continues to go perfectly as planned, however now the potential for a bounce in SLV dramatically increases as it is nearing a support zone. At this point, the best option would be to cover your position in SLV and move on to the next trade. The easy money has been made and potential for a squeeze is not something you want to be caught in. Here's the SLV…

SLV Aims for the $17's

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
It's very possible that we see Silver (SLV) pop higher but I don't see it getting over $20.50 in the short-term. From a longer-term perspective, I see SLV going down to $17.75. Here's the SLV technical analysis:

SLV Still Seeking Direction

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
The price level of $22.25 continues to be the level that SLV must break through in order to reinvigorate the bulls. Follow the trend-line for now and base entries off of it. Here's the SLV technical analysis:
ishares silver slv swing trade long

Silver Bounces Nicely Off of Trend-Line - Looking for $22.25

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
A very nice bounce off of the rising trend-line. I think this stock could easily move up to $22.25 from $21 which it is just barely trading below right now. Silver can really move fast, so you don't want to waste time getting in it. Here's the trade setup for Silver:
Silver SLV swing trade long

Bearish Wedge in Silver - Likely to See $22

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
I've been bullish on commodities of late, but the recent action in iShares Silver (SLV) where a strong bearish wedge has confirmed to the downside, makes it more than likely that ETF will see $22 in the short-term. So hold off on adding any new positions in this stock. Here's the technical analysis for SLV:
Silver SLV ascending triangle

A Near Perfect Trade Setup for Silver

in Stock Analysis by Ryan Mallory
Like gold, the precious metals are all setting up for a very nice run. iShares Silver (SLV) is no different... The ascending triangle at the bottom, signs of accumulation, and clear cut targets to trade off of, makes this a very desirable trade: Here's the setup in Silver (SLV):


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